About Us


NetX Consulting is a computer and information technology consulting company. Our business is dedicated to being a premier provider of technical service and support to small businesses.

As the business world has become increasingly dependent on information technology, ongoing technical support has become a greater necessity. Big business is able to allocate large amounts of resources toward continual maintenance, support, planning and implementation of computers and technology. NetX makes those same services possible and affordable for small businesses.


Traditionally, small businesses have been limited to sporadic technical support due to the high fees charged by computer support companies. This infrequency of visits leads to poor response time and a lack of familiarity with individual systems, thus creating an environment of inefficiency and frustration.

NetX Consulting eliminates these problems by establishing a long term
relationship with small businesses on a month to month basis. This gives

us the opportunity to become a part of our client’s company rather than an outside

consulting firm. We provide small businesses the same level of consistent service

that big businesses receive, but at a fraction of the cost.