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NetX provides a range of services to help businesses and organizations optimize their technology infrastructure and operations. We offer solutions such as:

  • Network design and implementation to ensure efficient and secure communication between devices and locations.

  • Cloud computing services to allow for flexible and scalable data storage and management.

  • Cybersecurity solutions to protect against cyber threats and data breaches.

  • Installation and implementation of new hardware equipment, upgrading of existing equipment, and maintaining all equipment.

  • IT consulting to provide expert advice and guidance on technology strategy and planning.

  • On-site, telephone, and remote access support.

  • Moved and relocations.

Services Provided

Service plans #2 and #3 do not include proactive monitoring of customers’ systems.

For Real Time, continuous monitoring of services like data backups, hardware integrity, etc., ask us about our Managed Services and Support plan.

1  Managed Services and Support (MSP)


Managed services are a type of IT support where a service provider, such as a managed service provider (MSP), takes on the responsibility of managing and maintaining certain IT functions for a company. These functions include things like network management, data backup and recovery, software updates, and security monitoring. Managed services allow companies to outsource these tasks to a third-party provider, which can free up internal resources and provide access to expert knowledge and resources. Support refers to the assistance provided by the service provider to help customers with their IT needs. This can include troubleshooting, problem resolution, and answering questions about the service.

Services Plans

2   Block Time Service Plan


Block time service refers to a type of service where a customer pays for a set amount of time or "block" of service in advance, and can then use that time to receive support or services from the provider. Some customers may not know exactly how much support they will need in a given month, but want the flexibility to use the service as needed. The block of time can be used for various services such as troubleshooting, software installation, network management, or other related tasks. Block time service is an alternative to other types of service such as break-fix service, where the customer pays only when they need service, or a retainer service, where the customer pays a monthly or annual fee for a certain level of service. The block time service allows the customer to have a budget for IT service and also allows the provider to have a predictable income.

3  Hourly Rate Service


Some customers may simply want a "pay as you go" option. This is commonly referred to as "break fix". It is a reactive instead of pro-active approach where when something goes wrong, you submit a request for support, and a tech is give the task to fix the problem. In this plan, just request service and NetX will solve your problem and bill for the time spent on the issue.

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