Solutions​  for today's diversified

IT environments

NetX Consulting is a computer and information technology consulting company. Our business is dedicated to being a premier provider of technical service and support to small businesses.


Our reliable response time, loyalty, and dedication, is what sets NetX Consulting, ahead of the rest of the pack. NetX Consulting establishes a long term relationship with small businesses. This gives us the opportunity to become a part of our client’s company, rather than an outside consulting firm. We provide small businesses the same level of consistent service that big businesses receive, but at a fraction of the cost.


At NetX Consulting, we understand that not all businesses operate the same. Because of this , we have support and payment options for businesses of all sizes. See our Services page for our various service & billing options.


People today, are on the move more than ever. The need to be in sync, is extremely important, but staying in sync on the many various platforms, can be a challenge. We can help.

Do you have from 2 to 50 employees?
Do you have an employee who helps with your systems, but it is not their primary job function?
Have you ever lost documents or important data files?
Do you have trouble finding someone who can (or will) work on your system?
Is fast service response a priority?
Does your hardware or software need updating with service packs or patches? Do you know?
Is your Network protected from viruses and/or Internet hackers?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, we have a solution for you!