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Providing Information Technology support to small and medium sized businesses.

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 Dedicated to providing premier technical support for your business's networks.

Why Choose NetX


15% Off All Items

Our reliable response time, loyalty, and dedication is what sets NetX ahead of the pack. NetX establishes a long term relationship with you. This gives us the opportunity to become a part of your company, rather than just an outside consulting firm. We provide small businesses the same level of consistent service that big businesses receive, but at a fraction of the cost.



15% Off All Items

At NetX Consulting, we understand that not all businesses operate the same. Because of this, we have support and payment options for businesses of all sizes. See our Services section for our various service & billing options. View our Services below.



15% Off All Items

People today are on the move more than ever. The Covid Pandemic taught us the need to be in sync is extremely important, but staying in sync on the many various platforms, can be a challenge. We can help.

Who are we
Our Vision

At NetX, we realize that smaller businesses do not always have the financial resources to purchase and implement the same enterprise level of hardware and software as big businesses. For this reason many IT support consultants deem them not profitable enough to take on, leaving them out in the cold. We specialize in supporting these smaller businesses. Why? Because IT support is our #1 priority and we love what we do. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch service and support delivering measurable results for our customers. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and goals, and develop solutions that drive success for their business.

Our Services

NetX provides a range of services to help businesses and organizations optimize their technology
infrastructure and operations. IT services should not be a one a one size fits all model.
We offer solutions such as:



Managed Services and Support

(MSP), takes on the responsibility of managing and maintaining certain IT functions for a company. These functions include, network management, data backup and recovery, software updates, and security monitoring. Managed services allow companies to free up internal resources and provide access to expert knowledge and resources.


Block Time Services

Block time service refers to a type of service where a customer pays for a set amount of time or "block" of service in advance. That time is used to receive support or services on an as needed basis. The advantage to the customer is that they may not know exactly how much support they will need in a given month, but want the flexibility to use the service as needed.


Hourly Services

Some customers simply want a pay as you go option. This is commonly referred to as "break fix". It is a reactive instead of pro-active approach where when something goes wrong, you submit a request for support.

We are OK with that. Just place a support call, NetX will solve your problem, and bill you for the hours.

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Below is a list of some of our valued customers

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CPA Firm


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